#1 Bucket List Item: Check

This past weekend the SAM team traveled to Zion National Park, the place that Sam was the most excited to see this entire year. The thing at the top of her Bucket List? Climb the Angel’s Landing Trail. This trail is one of the most dangerous, yet beautiful trails in the entire world. The first few miles┬áhas some serious elevation gain, but the last half mile is the really scary part- to get to the top, you have to scramble and pull yourself up steel chains with 1,000+ foot drops on both sides.

Was it a little crazy of us to try? Of course, but people said we were crazy when we told them we were going on a year long road trip. One of our oldest and best friends, Caroline, was in town and she was with us as we reached the terrifying, beautiful peak.

Sam inspired us to start this crazy SAM adventure, and she inspired us to keep going until we reached the top, despite all of us being afraid of heights. We are so proud of her for facing so many of life’s scariest journey’s with her head up, and never giving up.