Do you know what’s crazy? We leave in less than one month. Do you know what’s even crazier? Nothing. There’s actually nothing crazier than that, and it has the SAM team feeling all kinds of crazy. I mean, every time the calendar page flipped this year we would stand there, mouths agape, saying, “…but where did [insert month here] go?” Was Thanksgiving not yesterday? All principles of time have ceased to exist. Why is this not in the news?

With our January 19th launch date hurtling towards us at breakneck speed, we have been scurrying around like little SAM elves to get all of our loose ends tied before setting off into the sunset in our van, who we have named Maggie. We’re finalizing drives, working on housing, printing promotional items, doing our darndest to reach fundraising goals, giving Maggie a makeover* (see more below), and planning a send off party (details below), amongst other things. At times this might produce minor panic attacks, but despite being a gaggle of spazzes (spazzi?), and despite feeling one hundred emotions all at once, the most prominent sentiment these days is complete excitement. We are so ready to get on the road and find matches for all the patients out there fighting blood cancer and blood diseases.

There is not much that can compare to hearing the sweet words that a match has been found for a patient who has been searching. It is an intense rush of gratitude, and we were especially glad to experience that feeling after finding out our friend Owen would be receiving a transplant from an 18 year old girl. You may remember the rush of drives we did in Owen’s honor after he relapsed with leukemia. It seemed all of Louisville rallied around him and came out in droves to sign up as donors. On December 18, Owen received his marrow donation and we are excited to keep cheering him on as he heals. What an inspiration to see an anonymous donor give such a selfless gift and to see our community rally around this awesome guy.

Speaking of community, our heart sometimes aches when we think of leaving our lovely hometown of Louisville and the awesome support system we have here…which is why we have so many gatherings lined up in the coming month! Louisvillians are truly the best, and we want to make sure we see every one of you before departure. On January 5th, California Pizza Kitchen will be having a SAM profit share nightLet us know if you want to come and we will email you the flyer that you need to bring when you order your delicious and perfectly cooked pizza to help us raise a few bucks. (You can also download the file.) We just knew that you’d want some more SAM profit sharing, so there will be another event at The Village Anchor on January 11th. As if you needed another reason to stuff your face with those incredible Village Anchor green chili wontons… 

All of this excitement leads up to our main event, the January 19th launch party. And it is going to be something else, let me tell you. We’re hosting our send off at Against The Grain Brewery where there will be food to fill your belly, beer to fill your belly even more, music to fill your soul, raffles to help fill our gas tank, and swabbing to fill the need for bone marrow donors! We really want to see every person we’ve ever met and just get down and have a groovy time. This is going to be the biggest and best bone marrow party this town has ever seen. That’s a promise.



1.19.15 6-9PM 
 *Maggie is all dressed up in her new clothes, and she looks out of this world. Digital EFX Wraps styled her up nice with the always-awesome strADegy designs, and we are over the moon to be driving this babe cross country. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible!