Monthly Archives: May 2014

Swabbing and Salsaing at Pachanga Latino Music Festival

Alex: On May 10th, I helped register potential bone marrow donors at an awesome event in Austin, TX called the Pachanga Latino Music Festival with a group called Love Hope Strength. If you don’t know about Love Hope Strength, they are a kick-ass organization that hosts bone marrow donor drives at concerts […]

The Biggest SwabFest in Texas!

Alex:On May 8th, I had the privilege of volunteering at a bone marrow drive in Austin, TX called the “Biggest SwabFest in Texas.” The goals of the SwabFest were to beat the record for the largest drive in the state of Texas, save as many lives as possible, and find a match for the inspiration […]

And the next chapter begins…

Amazing night with my awesome sister at the Tyrone Wells concert in Nashville! Four years ago, Sam was too sick to go to his show, but wanted me to still go so I could get a poster signed for her. She was in isolation in the hospital, and she passed the […]