Monthly Archives: June 2014

S.A.M. Interview on WAVE 3 News

Four years ago, Dawne Gee and WAVE 3 news found out about Sam’s illness and the work that we were doing as a family to find matching bone marrow donors for her and all the other patients needing life-saving transplants. As part of their “Pass the Cash” program, WAVE 3 gave us $300 to help […]

University of Louisville Cheerleaders = Heroes 

Alex: On June 18, 2014 we hosted a donor drive at the University of Louisville Cheerleading practice and boy, did these cheerleaders BRING IT! 95 Cardinal Cheerleaders registered to be potential life savers, and they all signed up and got swabbed in about 30 minutes! It was quite the rush, and so was getting put […]

Drive at Jake Bugg Concert- Louisville

Alex:Sam and I had a great time volunteering last week with Love Hope Strength (that awesome rock n’ roll cancer foundation that does donor drives at concerts) at the Jake Bugg Concert at Headliners Music Hall in our hometown Louisville, KY. We hadn’t heard Mr. Bugg’s music before, but Headliners is one of our favorite […]

Darn You, North Dakota

It wasn’t pretty, but we finally determined a tentative route for our 48 state road trip in 2015! We are so excited to travel to these different universities and everywhere in between to register as many donors as possible. Let us know what you think and if you see a place […]

Hey, I’m Sam. 

Sam:Cincinnati Children’s Hospital May 2010: It was some day of the week and I was lying on a hospital bed in isolation in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit. I had a new medi-port in my chest with an IV that was slowly streaming a heavy-duty immunosuppressant medicine called ATG (anti-thymocyte globulin).  I was so weak […]

Fast Company and Mercedes: Sprinter Contest

Alex:Last week,  Sam and I were working in our new home office (pictures coming soon!) when she stumbled across what has probably been the most exciting opportunity of our journey so far: Fast Company Magazine and Mercedes-Benz are teaming up to give away a FREE and NEW Mercedes Sprinter Van AND $10,000 worth of customization!! WHAAATTTT?! […]