Monthly Archives: July 2014

Don’t Mess with the Doublemint twins

Sam: Sometimes you hit a road block in life that only fires you up more. Especially if you are two women on a mission. Last night, when Alex and I were traveling back home from our retreat with Delete Blood Cancer in North Carolina, we encountered a flight attendant that pushed back a little bit. […]

Encouraging trip to Cinci Children’s Hospital 

Last month, we visited Sam’s doctor and nurses at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She still has to go up there every few months to get her blood drawn and to make sure that her aplastic anemia is staying in check. (Sam talks about the trip from her perspective in a blog post here: This was a […]

Yo Ellen. Let’s Dance.

UPDATED!!Alex: We have been huge fans of Ellen since… well, forever. I remember snorting laughing at her standup special on HBO in the 90’s where she talks about running it off when you trip. And who doesn’t love Dory?! The Ellen Show is hilarious as well, but she also does so much good to help […]