Monthly Archives: August 2015

Awesome Volunteers in Wyoming

Huge thanks to the University of Wyoming SAEs for listening to our story last night and really rallying behind the cause! They helped us sign up 114 UW students today!!! A photo posted by Sharing America's Marrow (@sharemarrow2015) on Aug 31, 2015 at 1:08pm PDT Go Pokes! Pokes, we learned, is an another word for […]

Week 9

Our Week 9 recap video happens to be our personal favorite so far. It features a cameo by both @littlebigtownand @iamsteveharveytv, a former flame, a new friend eating a Waffle House waffle in one bite, 3 states, and a whole lot of tomfoolery.

The Denver Doozie

Welp, Denver was a doozy! During our 5 day stint in this much anticipated city, we managed to squeeze in 7 events at universities, medical schools, concerts, community festivals, and churches. It was just a little busy and by some miracle we managed to make time for lots of filming and photo shoots for our […]

Colorado Craziness

Man were we excited to roll into Colorado, the promise land! We couldn’t help but stop in the heart of the Rockies first thing before getting down to swabby business. We took a day in Aspen to hike Maroon Bells and see those three famous peaks for ourselves. The Bells did not disappoint as evidenced […]

You do you, Utah

Unreal. A photo posted by @sammykimura on Aug 17, 2015 at 8:24pm PDT From the Great Salt Lake to the Bonneville salt flats to the arches of Moab, Utah just didn’t quit with it’s bizarre scenery. And we loved it! We sure are lucky that we get to see these strange sights we’d ordinarily never […]

Week 7

Week 7 on the SAM 50 state tour was one of the best and worst weeks of the trip so far. Best because we met Chris, a young guy who donated marrow to save a life AND became one of our very close friends. We got to hang out with him in Charlotte and sing […]

Week 6 Recap Video

In Week 6 of the SAM tour things got REAL. It wasn’t an easy week, as we had some bad weather and sadness in Georgia, but it ended on a high note after meeting an awesome 11 year old named Emily and her family. Emily is an aplastic anemia survivor like Sam and is the […]