Monthly Archives: October 2015

State #46- Halloween in OKC

Back in March, we met a little kid in Virginia Beach that told us we could only go to 45 states. He was pretty confident. We were a little worried he cursed the trip. But we are happy to report, that little kid was wrong. We made it to state #46- Oklahoma! We celebrated Halloween […]

New Friends in New Mexico

We were excited to go to New Mexico for many reasons: green chile, green chili, and green chilies. They did not disappoint. New Mexican food now has a big place in our heart, as do the amazing people we met there. We set up an event at University of New Mexico with the family of […]

This Country is INCREDIBLE!!!

When we set off on this year long tour we committed ourselves to going to all 50 states, to hosting 150+ events in as many cities, and doing everything we could to sign up as many donors as possible. We also knew that this was a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see some of the most beautiful […]

#1 Bucket List Item: Check

This past weekend the SAM team traveled to Zion National Park, the place that Sam was the most excited to see this entire year. The thing at the top of her Bucket List? Climb the Angel’s Landing Trail. This trail is one of the most dangerous, yet beautiful trails in the entire world. The first […]

We love St. Thomas University!

Some people think that the big schools are the best place to go to get a lot of donors registered. While in some cases that might be true (Roll Tide), one of our best events this entire year was at St. Thomas University in Miami, which only has about 1,300 students! The softball team in […]

Happy Birthday Sam!

We love you! Thank you for inspiring us all! Happy birthday to our inspiration, sister, friend, and hero @sammykimura! Back in 2010 when she was diagnosed with aplastic anemia she was given only 6 months to live. Here she is, 23 years old and crushing it. We love you Sammy! In honor of Sam, please […]

A Weekend in Joshua Tree

After all of the madness that was Southern California, it was so nice to get out to some wide open spaces. We spent the weekend in Joshua Tree Natural Park, sweating out all the fish tacos we have been eating and enjoying the crazy looking trees that the park is named after. Another park checked […]

SAM in California

As you can imagine, California was a big state for us. We had Donor JamsĀ up and down the coast, got to drive down almost all of the beautiful (and slight nauseating) Highway 1, and one of us turned 25 (HBD Taylor!). We even swabbed at a pool party! How Cali is THAT?! Here are a […]

Laura’s Swab Parties

We met Laura in Lawrence, KS when she was biking across the country raising money for the fight against cancer in honor of her best friend who she lost to melanoma (#teambpw). She got registered and immediately asked us what more she could do to help. For her birthday this year, she asked her friends […]