Alaska: Moms, Bears, and the Northern Lights

Grizzle me this.

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Ah, the etherial wild of Alaska. What a milestone for the SAM Team. It doesn’t seem like so long ago we were staring at the map plastered to our wall in Kentucky and daydreaming what it would feel like when we finally made it to Alaska. Well, made it we did and it felt…CRAZY! Of course it was made even better with our moms by our side who came to tell the tale of the Great Alaskan Adventure. While we gave them a break for scenic drives, glacier cruises, and train rides, we still put them to work at what we consider to be one of the most interesting and entertaining drives of the year. We were very lucky to be contacted after our spot on CBS Evening News by an Alaskan offering to host his annual “Party for a Purpose” in our honor. What a treat! With a red carpet, free food, and a DJ who kept the tunes bumping, we were able to swab students from the University of Alaska while also participating in two of our all time favorite activities…dancing and eating!

We bid adieu to our mothers before heading to Denali for a marathon bear hunt. Thinking to ourselves, “This will probably be the only time we’re in Alaska”, we drove 5 hours to Denali, got to our hotel just in time for bed, woke up at the crack of dawn and spent 8 hours in the park in unexpected blizzard conditions (it can be said that we were ill-prepared), and drove the 5 hours back to anchorage where we crashed for the night before catching our flight back to the lower 48 the next morning. Whew! But it was all worth it for the snowball fights and ADORABLE grizzly spottings.

Keeping an eye out for Balto in these wintery wilds #Alaska #wheresbaltowhenyouneedhim

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In other, Alaskan-related news, Alex spotted the Aurora Borealis early in the morning before doing a morning show interview. This continues to be a point of contention with Sam and Taylor.