And the next chapter begins…

Amazing night with my awesome sister at the Tyrone Wells concert in Nashville! Four years ago, Sam was too sick to go to his show, but wanted me to still go so I could get a poster signed for her. She was in isolation in the hospital, and she passed the time by learning Tyrone’s songs on the guitar. Despite not finding a bone marrow donor, Sammy beat the odds and is doing well today. As we get ready to embark on this new adventure, starting our own campaign to help people like her who can’t find a match for a marrow transplant, it seems only fitting that we go to the same concert that her disease stopped us from going to together four years ago. Thanks to Tyrone and his sweet sweet music for helping Sam turn the page to the next exciting chapter in her life. This time he wrote on her poster, “You’ll be a world changer!” And I couldn’t agree more. Love you Sammy! 
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