Colorado Craziness

Man were we excited to roll into Colorado, the promise land! We couldn’t help but stop in the heart of the Rockies first thing before getting down to swabby business. We took a day in Aspen to hike Maroon Bells and see those three famous peaks for ourselves. The Bells did not disappoint as evidenced by this photo.

Still hanging out and smiling about it after 7 months on the road together #sisterfriends

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Once we had at least a little taste of the majestic Colorado mountains, we headed for the high plains of Ft. Collins where we made sure to hit up all the cool businesses in the area. Brews were had and cheeks were swabbed at New Belgium Brewery and more cheeks were swabbed but less brews had at Otterbox. The Otterbox office had a giant slide in the foyer though, so ten extra style points go to Otterbox.

The next stop put us in Boulder where we admired the scenery around us as we talked to and swabbed the most jazzed up fraternity so far on the trip. We always love going to Greek chapter meetings to make a quick announcement and give members the chance to sign up. It’s a great way we can share our story with a large group and we usually have a high percentage of participation following the announcement. But this fraternity’s percentage was through the roof and almost all the brothers got signed up, so cheers to you Pi Kappa Phis of UC Boulder, y’all are the BEST!

We topped off our time in Boulder with a delicious meal with a fellow match seeker, Lucas, and his brothers. Who doesn’t love some quality pizza and fun company?!