Drive at Jake Bugg Concert- Louisville

Sam and I had a great time volunteering last week with Love Hope Strength (that awesome rock n’ roll cancer foundation that does donor drives at concerts) at the Jake Bugg Concert at Headliners Music Hall in our hometown Louisville, KY. We hadn’t heard Mr. Bugg’s music before, but Headliners is one of our favorite places to see shows, and registering donors is (clearly) our favorite thing to do so we were very excited to help out! 

We registered 19 potential heroes and Jake Bugg fans (do they have a fan nickname? Bugg-heads? Buggers? Bugg Lugs?) and had a couple  amazing conversations with some inspiring people. Meeting people and hearing their stories is going to be one of the best parts of this entire trip, and this drive was a great preview of the adventure that is to come. 

Every time we work a drive, we learn more and more about what it takes for us to be successful- from making sure we don’t forget clipboards to how to approach strangers with a 15 second pitch on why they should put down their beer and register to be a potential bone marrow donor. However, we continue to learn that the most important thing we need to be successful is passion. If we lead with our passion everyday, we are going to make a big difference on this journey. 

Thanks for swabbin’, Bugg Lugs. You guys are all rockstars in our book.