Encouraging trip to Cinci Children’s Hospital 

Last month, we visited Sam’s doctor and nurses at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. She still has to go up there every few months to get her blood drawn and to make sure that her aplastic anemia is staying in check. (Sam talks about the trip from her perspective in a blog post here: http://www.sharingamericasmarrow.com/blog/hey-im-sam)

This was a great trip because we found out that Sam’s blood counts were the highest they have been since her diagnosis (WHOO HOOO!!) and we got to tell her medical team about our plans with Sharing America’s Marrow! They were pumped, which made us even more pumped of course. Dr. Davies gave us some great information about bone marrow donors, and how young donors are the best donors because they are typically the healthiest and have good, healthy marrow to give these patients needing transplants. She was very glad to hear that we were focusing on going to universities, and told to make sure we get lots of strong guys on the registry! (Hear that dudes? Yah, we’re coming for ya!) 

She also told us an inspiring story after we said that we were worried that athletes wouldn’t want to join the donor registry because they wouldn’t want to miss out of training or games. She knows of a young girl who played competitive basketball who donated marrow to her sister… and played the next day! Hearing stories like this about how easy it is to donate marrow from medical professionals really helps us when we are talking to people who are hesitant about registering. She played basketball the NEXT DAY! AND she saved her sister’s life! How can you not sign up?! 

Thanks to the entire staff at Cincinnati Children’s for being so great throughout Sam’s entire journey- you all are awesome!! And you have the best snacks 😉