Fast Company and Mercedes: Sprinter Contest

Last week,  Sam and I were working in our new home office (pictures coming soon!) when she stumbled across what has probably been the most exciting opportunity of our journey so far: Fast Company Magazine and Mercedes-Benz are teaming up to give away a FREE and NEW Mercedes Sprinter Van AND $10,000 worth of customization!! WHAAATTTT?! I know- how perfect would it be if we won?! A Sprinter Van is EXACTLY what we need to get across country, and it would be the perfect vehicle for hosting these donor drives around the US. To say the least, it would make ALL the difference in our journey and our mission. 

Of course, we found the contest 2 days before it was due, but we weren’t about to let that short timeframe keep us from potentially winning that beautiful piece of machinery! It was a crazy two days of filming and editing, running around and making friends with strangers, sleeping little and laughing a lot. We had a blast making our 90 second entry video, and I think it was the first time since we started this adventure that we both realized that this is REALLY happening! And just like making this video, it’s going to be a whirlwind. But a fun, challenging, and extremely rewarding one. 

We find out in a few weeks if we won the van, but even if we aren’t selected, I know we will still be happy. Van or no van, we now have a video that tells the world about our cause and our goal of 50K in 50 states in 2015. And because of that video, I know at least one person who has already signed up with Delete Blood Cancer to be a potential donor and could go on to save someone’s life. That, my friends, is the biggest victory of all.