Heroes and Homeruns

Last night we did a bone marrow drive at the Louisville Bats baseball game and signed up 64 heroes! We heard a lot of “No’s” (which happens sometimes when you talk to people about bone marrow) but most of the people were so excited to join the registry and hopeful at the thought of being a match for someone fighting cancer. People really stepped up to the plate. I mean, they really knocked it out of the park with their energy and eagerness to help. (Sorry, had to use the baseball jargon).

 It was interesting and sad how a majority of the people we registered had a connection to cancer.

“My neighbor just got diagnosed with Leukemia.”

“My uncle is battling Lymphoma right now.”

“I battled Lymphoma and have been cancer free for 14 years.”

A lot of people told us they were already on the registry and they appreciated what we were doing. One woman even passed the table and told us that she donated marrow to her brother. It’s a horrible fact of life that so many people are affected by cancer, either directly or indirectly. We love giving people the opportunity to fight back against cancer by signing them up on the registry. It was inspiring to see how excited people were once we told them that they could be the one person in the entire world who could save somebody’s life. It’s also fun to compete with the yelling beer guy and say things like “Swab ya cheek heeeyaa!”

We can’t wait to do more drives at sporting events over the next year and a half. Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, we want to do them all. The energy is high and it’s easy to get fans of a sports team to become fans of a cancer patient or fans of an awesome cause. If you have any connections to a college, minor league, or pro sports team and want to do a drive with S.A.M. don’t hesitate to reach out to us!