New Friends in New Mexico

We were excited to go to New Mexico for many reasons: green chile, green chili, and green chilies. They did not disappoint. New Mexican food now has a big place in our heart, as do the amazing people we met there.

We set up an event at University of New Mexico with the family of a patient who had a transplant from a generous stranger 16 years ago and is alive and well today because of it. They were so sweet, brining us a jar of green chilies (YES), homemade pumpkin bread, and a whole lot of encouragement.

Then later that night, we met Jila, one of the smartest 9 year olds we’ve ever met. She has aplastic anemia like Sam. And unfortunately like Sam, she does not have a match either. We hosted an event at a cool local brew pub with her parents to try to find more donors to help Sam, Jila, and the thousands of other patients needing transplants. Could you be Jila’s match?? Get registered today!