SAM Documentary: Coming Soon!

We have been hinting at it for months, but we can now officially announce that the SAM Documentary is in post production! Here is the first peak trailer:

This film shows a raw look at what it looks like to live on the road for a year, with the ugly side of its loneliness and the beauty of its freedom.

You see a young woman grapple with her mortality and attempt to shake off the label of patient that was thrust upon her to discover who she wants to be in whatever time she has left.

You meet a big sister who’s guilt paves her road to redemption.

You witness the evolving relationships between two sisters and a their best friend as they travel around the U.S. with a mission that threatens to break them, while knowing that there are lives that hang in the balance and people that are depending on their success.

This film challenges detrimental misconceptions about bone marrow donation, cracks open long buried secrets, and poses the question, “was any of it worth it”?

It’s real, it’s personal, it’s unsettling, it’s inspiring, and it’s a front row seat to a 50 state adventure that blossomed out of a deeper calling to find heroes.

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