Sam and a wax Simon Cowell circa 2002


So the last time I was in New York City I was roughly 10 years old and I still thought that my straight-across bangs and zip-off cargo pants were cool. This time, 12 years later, I got to go to New York as a full-grown woman child and it was amazing.

The SAM Team spent a busy 48 hours in the Financial District, only venturing off once to the Lower East Side to steal a few dances at Pianos on Wednesday night. We spent the majority of our time in the Delete Blood Cancer office, meeting with our amazing support team. Planning out something as big as the 2015 SAM Tour takes a lot of work and we are so thankful to have Delete Blood Cancer behind us, cheering us on the whole way. Knowing that there are people invested not only in the SAM project but in each one of us (Alex, Taylor, Sam), is huge and it means the world to us that we are able to share this experience with passionate and kind people.

It was a whirlwind couple of days of meeting new people and going over strategies, marketing, fundraising, shipping, and everything in between. A couple great memories from the trip stick out in my mind and one of those is when our team got to participate in the Delete Blood Cancer daily tradition. Each day, an employee, (or two, or three, or more!), gets to ring a bell that signifies that a DBC donor is giving their bone marrow or stem cells to a patient in need. Everyone else in the office stops what they are doing and claps at the sound of the bell and sometimes, the bell rings multiple times which is just awesome. So, Alex, Taylor, and I got to introduce ourselves to the entire NYC DBC crew and then…we got to ring the bell! Knowing that someone was selflessly donating their bone marrow to a stranger that very day was powerful. And it led us to create a new goal for 2015: we want the bell to ring so much that it breaks.

Needless to say, this trip was a little different from my last NYC adventure where the only things I can really remember are standing on the street and seeing Green Day through the window of TRL and spending 3 hours in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Yep, this time everything is going to stick with me. It’s not often that a 21 year old and two 24 year olds get an opportunity like this. Alex, Taylor, and I are so blessed and honored to be in the midst of the SAM experience and we are beyond grateful for everyone who is playing a part in making it happen. So, thank you to Delete Blood Cancer, strADegy, our families and friends, kind strangers, Love Hope Strength, The Young and Brave, and everybody else across the globe that’s spreading the SAM movement! You are awesome.


The SAM team with their friends at Delete Blood Cancer