This Is What a Survivor Looks Like

On our trip up to Chicago a few weeks ago, we sat down with Amanda Schamper who we first met at the Delete Blood Cancer Donor Recruiter Retreat in July. Amanda was 30 years old and pregnant with her 3rd child when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She needed a bone marrow transplant shortly after her son was born in order to save her life. Amanda’s sister wasn’t a match, but thankfully she found a donor on the national registry! 

She just passed her 5 year cancer-free anniversary and is now working as donor recruiter for Delete Blood Cancer so that more patients fighting blood cancer can have a happy ending like hers. 

One of those patients in particular is weighing heavily on our hearts this week: Owen McMasters is a 15-year-old boy from our hometown of Louisville who is fighting Leukemia for the second time. This time he needs a bone marrow transplant. Neither of his two brothers are a match for him, a predicament that our family knows all too well. We are hosting several Donor Jams around town with the hopes of registering potential heroes that could be a match for Owen or for any of the other patients in the world who are still desperately searching for a match. Find out more about the upcoming Donor Jams here

We need more survivor stories like Amanda’s, and we hope that in 5 years we can go visit Owen in college and talk about how awesome his donor named ________ is. 

You should fill in that blank. Seriously, it could be you. 

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