University of Louisville Cheerleaders = Heroes 


On June 18, 2014 we hosted a donor drive at the University of Louisville Cheerleading practice and boy, did these cheerleaders BRING IT! 95 Cardinal Cheerleaders registered to be potential life savers, and they all signed up and got swabbed in about 30 minutes! It was quite the rush, and so was getting put up in a stunt when we were taking the group picture (check me out at the end of the video). 

Besides getting to fulfill one of my lifelong dreams of being the tallest flyer in cheerleading history (I’m still so pumped up), this was an absolutely amazing drive and we were blown away by how many people signed up! It was so inspiring to see everyone step up to save lives as a team. Being brave is in a cheerleader’s DNA, and apparently, so is being a hero. 

We couldn’t have done this without the help of our good friend, Lucas Chochola, who is a WORLD Champion with Team USA. Luke is also now a champion for those fighting blood cancer, and is going above and beyond to help us register as many donors as possible. He is going to challenge the rest of the cheerleading world to have a donor drive with their squads and try to beat UofL’s amazing record of 95 registrations. We are hoping that we can host some of these drives with cheerleading teams at different schools throughout our journey in 2015. 

Getting the cheerleaders across America to register to be potential donors would be a HUGE win for those patients who are looking for bone marrow transplants. AND we think it would be a great way to encourage other athletes, teams, and the rest of the country to step up and sign up. We can’t wait to see what will come of this!