We got the power


Last Thursday the SAM teamed packed up the SUV (we’re still on the hunt for our van) with our big box of swab kits, free swag, and possibilities to host a drive at Louisville’s Power Creative. With the help of Alex and Sam’s friend, Jane Wood, the drive was a smooth and easy success. This is how we want all our drives to go.

When we arrived, Jane led us to a conference room where we could set up…then we just let the people come to us! Jane helped in promoting and sending an e-mail blast to employees telling our story and explaining the simple registration process. So we just needed to put on some smooth background tunes and wait for people to walk through our door. And walk through they did! We had an awesome time talking with employees about why what we do is important and how much hope one cheek swab can bring. Sometimes our drives can be hectic when we have to recruit people ourselves– we have about a 30 second time frame to flag down a passerby and explain who we are and that they can be a cure for blood cancer. We have come to know well that often in these situations there are more times of rejection than not.

However, at a drives like the one at Power Creative, everyone already knew, at least a little bit, the reason why they walked through our door. We could be present to the conversations and stories and had time to get people excited about what they were doing. Because it is exciting, YOU ARE A CURE FOR CANCER!

We even had the amazing opportunity to meet Rick Atchison, a creative director at Power Creative, who also happens to be the first person to donate marrow to a non-relative in the state of Kentucky. He has a great story to tell and we will be doing an interview with him soon to share it with all of you. With the help of free refreshments and some food truck tacos, we hung around Power Creative through lunchtime and had 27 heroes come in and register. It was a great experience overall and we cannot be more thankful for our friend Jane who really helped make it happen. If we can make all of our Donor Jams like this while on our 2015 tour, BIG things are going to happen. But we need your help. We are looking for contacts, or as we like to call them, Donor Champs, at all of our stops to be SAM ambassadors. All of our Donor Champs would receive a kit from us a few weeks before the Jam with posters, flyers, and tools to help raise awareness and network in his/her university, jobsite, church, etc. Donor Champs will also receive some fun (and FREE) goodies from us like a stylish t-shirt. So be sure to contact us if you’re interested!