Today marks one week on the road, and we have already had quite the adventure. We have registered 926 potential donors, been to 6 cities, made some great friends, laughed, cried, freaked out in a good way, freaked out in a bad way, and danced like fools (of course). A video blog is coming soon, but here are a few pictures we have taken (we should take more…) Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers, donors, friends, and the fine people at McDonald’s for all of your support so far. 

We hosted donor registration events at Austin Peay State University, Belmont University, Vanderbilt University, The Pour House Nashville, Maryville College, and Fairview United Methodist.

We also got word that we have found another 2 matches out of the donors we have registered through SAM since creating our organization! WHOOHOOO!!! This is why we are here! Can’t wait to find thousands more :)