Week 3: AL

Alabama was another state the SAM team had never been to before and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we LOVED it! The people were nice, the hills were beautiful, and the POPSICLES. Oh the popsicles… We are now obsessed with Steel City Pops (we had 14 popsicles between the 3 of us in as many days.. whoops). We even signed up the awesome guy working there! Win win. 
We had some amazing events in Alabama, kicking the week off in Tuscaloosa at University of Alabama where we signed up 298 people, our biggest drive of the tour up until then! It was a 12 hour day for us, as we worked two different locations on campus and then spread out across fraternity and sorority row to sign up donors. We are so grateful for the Bama Greeks for showing us some southern hospitality and for joining the registry! Roll Tide. 
Next we headed back to Birmingham (our Alabama headquarters for the week), and held a drive at Samford University. Thank you to the Samford Baseball team and Sigma Chi for volunteering with us all day and getting swabbed! Then we held a fun drive at the University of Alabama Birmingham Health Fair where we found out that we had all packed on some road weight. Turns out, a diet of popsicles, cookies, southern comfort food, and gas station fudge might make you gain some weight. Crazy…

We made ourselves take a work break and go on another much needed hike before headed to Auburn. We tried to stir up some competition between the Tigers and the Crimson Tide, because as we figured out soon after crossing into the Alabama state line, Auburn and Bama fans really don’t like each other. Auburn didn’t quite beat Bama’s 298 registrations, but we did sign up an awesome 118 potential lifesaving heroes, passed the 2K mark, and had the best lemonade ever at Toomer’s Drugs on Toomer’s Corner. And for that we also say War Eagle! 

Florida next!