Week 5: Savannah + Hilton Head + Charleston

It was hard leaving Florida for many reasons- we had to say goodbye to old and new friends, family, shorts… and it was literally hard leaving Florida because we got seriously lost for a few hours. Whoops. 

After what felt like forever, we arrived in the magical, beautiful, haunted city of Savannah, Georgia. To say that the SAM team is obsessed with Savannah would be a gross understatement, as we gushed about the spanish moss, the historic architecture, the adorable squares, and the bountiful number of antique shops. We held a drive at Armstrong State University there, and then explored the city for the rest of the afternoon. Best Coffee Shop of the Tour so far: Foxy Loxy in Savannah. Coffee AND Tacos AND eclectic up-cycled decor?! We would move in if they would let us. (P.S. They won’t. We tried.)

We went to Hilton Head Island not for the beach, but to help out a family who’s 9 year old son Alex (pictured above on right) had recently been diagnosed with leukemia. Alex (“Smiles” is what they call him) is being treated with chemo now and hopefully that will work and he won’t need a bone marrow transplant. Just in case, and to help other patients who are in need, his family wanted to host a drive to register as many potential donors as possible. We set up in Alex’s grandpa’s restaurant and signed up over 200 awesome heroes from Hilton Head and the surrounding areas. We fell in love with this generous family and hope to see them soon to celebrate Alex being cancer-free! If you are the prayin’ kind- please pray for Smiles to get better really soon. 
From Hilton Head we drove up to Charleston, another favorite city of the SAM team. We signed up donors at College of Charleston before eating entirely too many cookies from King Street Cookies (go there now if you can). We had a great weekend exploring the city, doing laundry, catching up on paperwork, and getting ready for the next big week in Atlanta. 

Charleston also made us realize that we really aren’t in college any more…