Week 6: ATL

We started Atlanta off with a bang, and by bang we mean beer. We had been talking with the folks at SweetWater Brewing Company about potentially swabbing donors at their 18th Anniversary Party. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, but we decided to go check out the party anyway. Great decision on our part. Beer was great, people were nice, and the Revivalists had the whole place dancing. We even signed up the saxophone player to the donor registry! 
The next day the team split up- Sam and Taylor went to Delta Airlines and Alex set up camp at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house at Georgia Tech. That afternoon we stumbled upon one of the craziest places we’ve ever been- it looked like a farm mixed with a factory that had been ravaged by war and hipsters. And it had a coffee shop that operated on a donation only basis filled with books and dogs running around. You will just have to see it for yourself. “Warhorse” in ATL. GO. 
And we had another great night of beer and swabs at Monday Night Brewing- an awesome local brewery (pictured right) where we signed up several donors and got to see some old friends! If every donor jam could be like that one… 

Next “The Great Snow Storm of 2015” hit Atlanta, which means it rained and was a little chilly but everything was closed. We still held our drive at Otwell Middle School even though school was cancelled but our drive at Emory University was cancelled because school was closed. Wamp wamp waaamppppp. We ventured out into Great White North (note: there is still no snow on the ground) and hosted a Jam at the Ryan Bingham and Lucero show at the Buckhead Theatre. Another fun night of swabbing donors with some good tunes playing in the background!