Yo Ellen. Let’s Dance.


We have been huge fans of Ellen since… well, forever. I remember snorting laughing at her standup special on HBO in the 90’s where she talks about running it off when you trip. And who doesn’t love Dory?!

The Ellen Show is hilarious as well, but she also does so much good to help those in need and to support people trying to make the world a better place. Needless to day, we would LOVE to be on the Ellen Show to share our story with her and the world! We are writing into her show as often as we can without crossing the line of stalking (hopefully), but we would love your help in reaching out to Ellen! If you are interested, all you have to do is fill out the request form in the link below and tell her producers why we should be on the show. We are hoping that she could help us fund our journey across the country registering potential bone marrow donors and hopefully saving lives!

 And dancing with her would just be the COOLEST…

Thanks for your help!!!


If you need help with what to write, feel free to use all or part of this sample response below! Thanks for your help with reaching out to Ellen!! 

I wanted to tell you about a campaign I am supporting called Sharing America’s Marrow (S.A.M.). This cross-country campaign to register bone marrow donors was started by two sisters, Alex and Sam Kimura, after Alex found out she wasn’t a match for the bone marrow transplant that Sam needed. Sam didn’t have a match out of the 11 million people on the donor registry either, but thankfully she is still alive today because of an alternative treatment. Knowing that she could relapse at any time and still need a transplant, and that are thousands of other patients fighting blood cancer who also can’t find a matching donor, the sisters are going out on the road to register as many donors as possible. Starting in January 2015, they will be traveling around the country for an entire year to raise awareness and host bone marrow donor drives in every state. They are going to be stopping at colleges, concerts, and anywhere else where they can tell their story and sign up life-saving donors. By the end of this journey, the Kimura sisters hope to have registered over 50,000 potential donors and inspired even people more to seek out their opportunity to be a match, giving thousands of patients a second chance at life. After the year is over, they hope that the awareness that they have raised for this cause will continue to make a lasting impact for those who will need a transplant in the future. And maybe they will even find a match, a hero, for Sam.